Will RIM produce first smartphone on a base Blackberry 10 in October?

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As you know, the Canadian company Research In Motion is preparing to launch the first device that will run under the operating system of a new generation of BlackBerry 10. The network has already leaked photos of BlackBerry 10 and even a prototype. But when the market sees the BlackBerry device 10? RIM Executive Director Thorsten Heins (Thorsten Heins) promises to yield the unit in the second half of 2012.

One of the sources of resource N4bb said that RIM is going to make the announcement of the first device in the middle of August. In this alleged launch will take place a month later, in mid-October. This device will only touch screen, no hardware buttons. As expected, RIM will invest heavily in promoting BlackBerry 10, it is no surprise – on the OS assigned a lot of hopes on the revival of market power.

Will RIM produce first smartphone on a base Blackberry 10 in October?

Concept Smartphone RIM BlackBerry 10 N4bb Journalists also reported that the launch of the first BlackBerry device 10 with a physical QWERTY-keyboard is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013. While there are no data on whether there will be a smartphone slider. One way or another, but it’s nice to hear that the first BlackBerry device 10 must leave sooner than previously thought.

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