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Facebook is taking new steps to use ARM chips in its servers

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Facebook is taking the next steps to transfer part of the load on the ARM- based servers . A clear indication of this was the recent article Facebook blog Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM) that the team implements support ARM processors in its conversion engine code. HHVM – is a virtual machine , which is due to JIT- compilation to greatly increase the speed of PHP- code. This is one of the key technologies Facebook, responsible for the operation of a giant social network based on PHP.

Intel could release a IPAD tablet long before Apple

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Intel has designed the plates 15 years ago , according to network sources . Prototypes were named Intel Pad, or IPAD, and their public demonstration took place at the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2001 .

HP sells Intel-tablet Mesquite through Walmart for $ 100

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During the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2013 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich (Bryan Krzanich) said that very soon go on sale tablets based on Intel chips cost less than $ 100 . Promise began to come true – at least , HP during “Black Friday” sold exclusively through a network of U.S. electronics retailer Walmart its budget tablet Mesquite only $ 89.

Intel can spend $ 1 billion to promote tablet processors in 2014

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As the resource Digitimes , citing sources from among Taiwan’s supply chain , Intel is going to spend on promoting tablet processors in 2014 to $ 1 billion with the aim to ship on the market for the year to 60 million chips , about 10 times more than 6-7 million processors in 2013. It is curious that the Taiwanese office Intel calls a little more restrained figure forecasts tablet shipments of processors for 2014 : about 40 million units.

HP is preparing a tablet for $ 89

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By the Christmas season , which is characterized by the rise of discount and consumer demand , Intel has promised cheap tablets for $ 99 on its own hardware platform Bay Trail. HP is preparing such a device , but chose a different basis .

Intel will produce chips commissioned by competitors

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Intel plans to seriously address the contract manufacturing of chips. Fulfilling orders of third parties for the production of chips , an American corporation hopes to stimulate revenue growth , which is unavailable.
Speaking at a meeting with investors , Intel CEO Brian Krzhanich (Brian Krzanich) reported that the company had engaged only in development, she believed , the best products and have not seen changes in the market .

Processors AMD Mullins will resist Intel Cherry Trail

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Just yesterday, AMD unveiled its plans to release a new family of ultra-energy-efficient processors for tablets Mullins , as today there is information about similar designs from Intel. According to a Chinese site VR-Zone slide, Intel is going in the next year to provide an update for the tablet platform Cherry Trail-T, which is a further development of the Bay Trail-T. However, the emergence of Intel’s platform is scheduled for the third quarter, that is, later Mullins, which is expected in the first half of next year.

Fujitsu demonstrated work of optical server connections

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Within the past Fujitsu Forum in Munich, Fujitsu demonstrated a server-based solution that uses lasers to transmit data and thin fiber-optic cables instead of traditional wired connections. The show included two server Primergy RX200, joined by MXC-optic cable with an external extension. The demonstration proved that the use of light instead of traditional copper wiring can increase throughput and range of the compound. At the core of the hardware that was used for the organization of the fiber-optic connection, lay silicon photonics technology, developed by Intel.