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Buffalo will release the first SSD with ST-MRAM-buffer

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It was learned that the company plans to release in Buffalo next few years a number of interesting new solid-state drives . The Japanese manufacturer is preparing to introduce SSD series SS3 and MxBU7 Series, using MLC- and SLC- chips and a controller of its own design . In addition , the company has told about the curious drive , which is slated for 2015.

HGST has released a 6-terabyte helium HDD Ultrastar He

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The company HGST, a wholly-owned company Western Digital from last year, announced the beginning of the supply of hard drives Ultrastar He capacity of 6 TB. Recall prefix He in the name of the product is the use of advanced technology HelioSeal.

Reduced supply of hard disk drives

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Shipments of hard drives in the second quarter of 2013th, according to Coughlin Associates, decreased by approximately 1.9% compared with the first quarter of the year.

Addonics introduced RAID-systems with hardware encryption

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Company Addonics Technologies today announced new RAID-solutions, which are designed for secure storage of large amounts of data, archive data and video recording systems. Both models, 1U Cipher RAID Rack and Cipher RAID Tower, includes hardware protection algorithm AES-256.

Capacity of portable HDD Toshiba Canvio grew up to 2 TB

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The company Toshiba Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, has announced the entry of two new hard drives as part of the product line Canvio Series. Both models have a capacity of 2 TB, and compact dimensions.

Sony announced in Japan NFC-drive Personal Content Station

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Sony announced in Japan the external drive with the boring name of Personal Content Station and even more boring model index LLS-201.On the domestic market Sony device goes on sale April 30, and a month later it will be available to customers in the U.S. and in other countries.

OWC Mercury Viper: 3,5 “SSD with an eye on gamers

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The assortment of OWC (Other World Computing) has a new SSD Mercury Viper. The manufacturer calls its creation the fastest SSD-drive 3.5-inch form factor of solutions available for the Mac and PC, equipped with interface Serial ATA 3.0.

In the footsteps of CES 2013: Blu-ray M-DISC, keeping information 1000 years

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Under held in Las Vegas at CES 2013 and the company Ritek Millenniata jointly presented a new optical disc Blu-ray M-DISC capacity of 25 GB. The main special feature is the claimed “life” of 1000. The secret is to use the technology of inorganic material, which almost does not lose its properties over time, as opposed to an organic dye.