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AMD is preparing to release a 4-core APU of business class A10-6790B

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AMD A10 Elite APU Logo

Until this moment the company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has already managed to release desktop hybrid processors A4-6300B, A6-6400B, A8-6500B and A10-6800B business class that relate to the generation of Richland and have been used in some desktops now available from Hewlett -Packard. And now, thanks to the efforts of members of network resource CPU World has learned that the developers intend to soon add to this list another model that will fill a niche between the quad chips A8-6500B and A10-6800B.

Became known the price on a number of AMD Kaveri processors

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Begins accepting pre- orders for hybrid processors AMD new generation , code-named Kaveri.
AMD originally going to start delivery Kaveri architecture Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) in the second half of the 2013th , but only now producers received the first samples of this family of products . Chip count up to four cores Steamroller with x86-64 architecture and are on board improved graphics controller Graphics Core Next.

NOMAD 17 gaming laptop is now available on the platform from AMD

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To meet consumer demand and cover the entire market segment of high-performance gaming laptops , the company has decided to refresh your Maingear gaming laptop NOMAD 17 , releasing version c AMD- processor and a Radeon on board. According to the company , the laptop is able to run the latest games at maximum settings and use the multitasking capabilities in full.

AMD Radeon R9 and free Battlefield 4: the action from the masters of marketing

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Earlier this week, AMD announced that it will complete its new graphics card Radeon R9 290X, R9 290, R9 280X, R9 270X R9 270 and a free copy of the popular military first-person shooter Battlefield 4. Then we highly regarded this step of: this game is that at the end of December will be supported by Mantle, well unleashes graphics accelerators family Volcanic Islands, and in addition, is a useful purchase for gamers by itself. For many users complete Battlefild 4 could indeed be a powerful argument in favor of a transition to a new family of graphics accelerator Radeon R9. But there is one problem: as it turned out, to get the promised free Battlefield 4 is not easy.

AMD is working on a dual-processor graphics card based on the Hawaii XT

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Citing people familiar with the Chinese site VR-Zone reported that AMD is working on a dual-GPU graphics card family Volcanic Islands.According to the available information, this video card takes the top position in the line and will be based on two chips Hawaii XT, used in the accelerator-based Radeon R9 290X. This means that after a while on store shelves may appear elite graphics card for enthusiasts with high net name like Radeon R9 290X2, realizing Crossrire-configuration of the flagship AMD cards on a single board.

AMD may again resort to layoffs

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It’s no secret that AMD is not in the best financial position. In the last quarter, the company returned to profitability, but with a few caveats: it sold its headquarters in Austin and rented it from the bank, and the proceeds from the console will drop significantly after an initial phase of market saturation. The company is in stable condition, but its profitability is questionable.

AMD dropped support of GDDR5 in Kaveri hybrid processors

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AMD is initially planned that the promising hybrid processors Kaveri will be equipped with a flexible two-channel memory controller that can work with DDR3, and with GDDR5 SDRAM. Despite the fact that the latter would require a rigid mounting BGA-memory chips directly to the motherboard without the possibility of any subsequent upgrade, this solution would solve the problem of insufficient capacity of the memory bus, which suffer greatly from the built-in graphics processor core. Modern GDDR5 SDRAM is able to offer at least twice as better bandwidth than DDR3, and even if the processors Kaveri manned the cheapest chips with the effective frequency 3200 MHz, bandwidth standard 128-bit CPU bus would reach 51.2 GB / s.

All products of AMD will have new logos

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In the past few years, AMD has regularly updates its range of CPUs, graphics cards and chipsets, each time complementing their logos designed for a long time. Looks like it’s time to upgrade yet and – at the recent presentation of mobile APU line Elite A were seen original labels with unique design.

AMD sold the campus in Austin for $ 164 million

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One of the leaders in the industry microprocessor company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) today announced a deal with investment company Spear Street Capital on the sale of the campus Lone Star Campus in Austin (Texas). The transaction value is $ 164 million, which corresponds to the previously announced plans to gain from the sales office, located in an area of ??58 acres, of the order of $ 150-200 million

The net loss of AMD made $1,18 milliards for the last year

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Following Intel released its financial results for the company and also AMD. In the fourth quarter, its revenues were $ 1.16 billion, up 9% compared to the previous quarter and by 32% compared to the same period last year. Revenue for the full 2012 fiscal year were $ 5.42 billion, or 17% less than it was in 2011.

AMD plans to sell the campus in Austin for $ 150-200 million

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One of the world’s largest manufacturers of microprocessors Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), is experiencing significant problems due to the stagnation of the PC market, plans to improve the financial position through the sale of Lone Star Campus campus leaseback. AMD representative Drew Prairie (Drew Prairie) said the agency Reuters, the company suggests to gain from the sale of the campus, located in Austin on a plot of 58 acres, about $ 150-200 million, he said, the situation in that part of town, where the campus is quite favorable, which can count on finding a buyer who would be willing to provide a multi-year building lease. Make a deal for the sale of Lone Star Campus company expects second quarter 2013

AMD recalled that the Nintendo Wii U using Radeon graphics

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November 8 was launched on Nintendo Wii U console in the U.S. market. Although it is well known that in a game console is used graphics accelerator Radeon HD, which is under the same package, with an IBM Power, AMD has used the opportunity to remind her of this important fact.

Mini PC Foxconn AT-5570 on the base of AMD C-70

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Taiwanese company Foxconn mainly produces devices for its customers. But sometimes it launches products with private label, as in the case of the AT-5570. This mini PC Nettop kind, equipped with a hybrid processor AMD C-70, included with the Brazos 2.0.