Officially, the specifications of DDR3 memory from AMD

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In the first half of August this year, the company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) publicly announced its intention to reach an entirely new market for itself and submitted to the Court of consumers own first 240-pin DIMM-modules of RAM DDR3, intended for use in the desktop computer systems. Now on the official website appeared eminent chip maker detailed information about technical characteristics of its proposed products of this kind.

Officially, the specifications of DDR3 memory from AMD

According to released information, depending on the target audience available products divided into three categories, namely, Entertainment Edition 1333 MHz and supply voltage of 1.5 V, Performance Edition with 1333/1600 MHz frequency and voltage of 1.35 / 1.5 In and Radeon Edition with a frequency of 1866 MHz and supply voltage 1,5 / 1.65 V. In each of these modules include 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB, made on the PCB height of 30 mm. At the same time representatives of the latter was originally shipped with decorated in corporate style radiators, while the other trims can be equipped with such memory teplorasseivatelyami optional.

Officially, the specifications of DDR3 memory from AMD

In conclusion, we note that the partners in new business from AMD including such companies as Patriot Memory, and VisionTek, and the first will extend the above products around the world, and the second will promote it exclusively for the North American market.  

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