Gamer GIGABYTE FORCE K7 keyboard with backlight

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Avid gamers company GIGABYTE Technology addresses the keyboard FORCE K7 in the all-black design with customizable backlit buttons (choose three colors available).

Gamer GIGABYTE FORCE K7 keyboard with backlight

New weighing 1100 g ergonomic design housing with dimensions of 480 x 195 x 26.5 mm, equipped with a panel for easy location of the wrists and is equipped with rubber feet with the ability to change the angle of inclination. The buttons have a Scissor-Key structure and are characterized by low speed equal to 3 mm. The user has shortcuts to the most frequently opened apps, and Win-lock button to disable the Windows Start. The device is able to recognize up to seven simultaneous keystrokes, compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 platforms and connects to the computer via a 1.8-meter USB-braided cable.

About the price of the product and the timing of its arrival on the market yet no information.

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