Data on the graphics card AMD HD 7000M, while output prices and HD 7900

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Entering the market accelerators AMD Radeon HD 7000 will take place quite soon, so it is not surprising that the network begins to leak information about these cards. Recently spread to some of the information and characteristics of mobile versions of these accelerators.

Data on the graphics card AMD HD 7000M, while output prices and HD 7900

As reported previously, the notebook market series HD 7000M will be represented by five different graphics chips, designed for the needs of a wide range of users, from entry level to the sector of powerful laptops for enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, details about the mobile accelerators based on chips Wimbledon, Heathrow and Chelsea, very little (other than the operating frequency, type and amount of installed memory, and data bus width), but the AMD and the average entry-level documented better.

According to the resource ComputerBase, publish the information, and chips Thames Seymour will be the basis of not less than 14 graphics cards of AMD, belonging to a generation of Radeon HD 7000. Accelerators average, eight of which are based on the chip Thames, are expected to have a maximum power consumption ranging from 15 to 25 W due to the transition from 40 nm to 28 nm process. Thames chip will be available in four variations, which will be named XT, Pro, LP and LE, and form the basis of mobile cards with the names of Radeon HD 7600M and 7500M.

As for the entry-level graphics cards based on chip Seymour, then all they will get 64-bit memory bus and the names of the series Radeon HD 7400M. In contrast to the more powerful cousins, smart Seymour will be subject to the same 40-nm process technology standards, the previous two generations – AMD Radeon HD 6000 and HD 5000.

Data on the graphics card AMD HD 7000M, while output prices and HD 7900

It seems, NVIDIA will follow a similar approach (mixing of 40-nm and 28 nm proposals) in its series of mobile accelerators GeForce 600M, which addresses the problems faced by both graphics giants in the production of 28-nm-making on the capacities of TSMC.

Almost simultaneously with the information about the mobile AMD graphics appeared and interesting data on its flagship desktop card companies of the Radeon HD 7900, based on the new architecture of Next-Generation Core (NGC). Post a resource SemiAccurate, do not call the names of his sources, said about the start time and the cost of new 28-nm cards.

Based on these data, the first desktop graphics card Radeon HD 7000, which will appear in the market-based solutions will become the most powerful next-generation AMD chip Tahiti XT (presumably – Radeon HD 6970), it will happen in January next year. Accelerators based on Tahiti Pro (presumably – Radeon HD 6950) will be released next month, and in March and April, AMD will present solutions, respectively, based on chips Pitcairn XT and Pro, earlier leaks are not mentioned.

The cost of a single-chip accelerator most expensive Tahiti XP is about $ 500, the Pro version will cost $ 100 less. Maps of Pitcairn will arrive in the U.S. retail price of $ 300 and $ 200. It is reported that all of these accelerators will be made in compliance with the 28-nm process technology standards and use the architecture of Next Generation Core (NGC).

The standard design of the Radeon HD 7900 will also involve the use of an improved cooling system, relying on the liquid chamber instead of the traditional flash. Other data on the chips, AMD Tahiti and Pitcairn yet, except for the fact that the flagship AMD solutions have to get 384-bit memory bus.

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