Samsung dissatisfied by demand for Galaxy S4

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The following year, sales of mobile phones under the brand Samsung will slow down, but the cause is insufficient demand for the flagship device. In this regard, the company will focus on the model of secondary and primary levels.

Specifications of Nokia Lumia 525 (Glee) found on the website of the Chinese regulator

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Rumors of a new budget smartphone Nokia Lumia 525 (Glee), who is preparing to replace the Lumia 520, the most popular phone on Windows Phone, circulating on the Net is not the first month. The new device has already received the approval of the Certification Center of China’s telecommunications equipment (Telecom Equipment Network Access Administration Centre, TENAA), as evidenced by the appearance of his images on the website of the organization.

OFF Pocket Pouch protects your smartphone from surveillance and listening

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Recent scandals related to the surveillance of citizens around the world through their mobile devices, hardly anyone left untouched – no one wants to be someone controlling a total stranger. On KickStarter even appeared a very interesting startup called OFF Pocket, which is capable of at the time to stop all attempts to track down the location of any person on his cell phone signals.

Wexler is going to release its first smartphone

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Company Wexler, known in Russia as a manufacturer of inexpensive tablet computers, preparing to enter the smart phone market. The other day it announced its participation in the annual international exhibition IFA 2013, where it will be produced showing her first child.

Samsung will repaint smartphone Galaxy S4 Mini

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Recently, Samsung released a smartphone Galaxy S4 Mini, which is a smaller version of the flagship Galaxy S4. Candy bar is available in black and white version of performance, but soon the range of available colors will be greatly expanded. The emergence of smartphones repainted in the sale is scheduled for early September of this year.

The smartphone LG Optimus G2 will have a removable battery?

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The vast majority of modern smartphones comes with a removable battery, which of course is not always good, especially when the charger is not, and the battery is nearly at zero. Flagship smartphones one and all have a closed case, but not the LG Optimus G2. This candy will be announced in early August, and the Internet appeared a picture of him in which he is shown without the rear cover.

Four cores in an affordable smartphone Explay Five

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Attention to domestic consumers introduced a new smartphone Explay Five, built on a quad-core system on a chip production MediaTek. The name alludes to the candy bar in the number of inches of screen diagonal, of which there are exactly five. So before us is not just a smartphone, but planshetofon.

New photos of body parts “plastic” iPhone

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The so-called “reduction in price» Apple iPhone, the price is likely to be very low, once again recalled his “spy” photos of the components. This time the source was imaged body parts and buttons of the new smartphone.